Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wrapping Paper

There are two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper leaning up against the wall at the corner of the coat closet door, just a few feet away from the computer desk. One is red and the other is green. Same pattern. Alternating figures of snowflakes and deer. It's storming outside with high winds and rain. Everybody is asleep. The news is on late night re-run. I hate hearing the news again so it's enough to make me get up.

There, turned it off. In just a couple of days, all the decorations will come down and the tree will be gone. I'll be back to work, and our house will look relatively bare for a few days until normalcy sets back in. Need to fix the hole in the hall linen closet wall so the towels and sheets don't get that crawlspace musty smell all winter. My dad dropped off a piece of sheetrock big enough for me to do the job.

Time for a beer, go to the bathroom and go to bed. I love the silence and solitude of the wee hours.


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