Wednesday, May 06, 2009

F-Word Art

Some kids say the F-word. When they are young, they may not know what it means. They just hear it from their friends and it sounds impressive so they use it, too. I learned the f-word when I was four. Well, our oldest loves art and is quite active at drawing, and has a creative mind.

So, what do we find taped up in his bedroom? Well, he spelled out the f-word in 2 1/2" high letters, in what looks like Arial true-type font, bold, with fill. Each letter is about 3/8" thick with a dark outline. The fill is a combination of two separate hatchings. Dark green hatching consisting of sharp crayon width lines with no spacing in between each line, the lines being directional with the length of each letter. A second cross-hatching is in yellow, perpendicular to the letter direction, with approximately 1/8" spacing between hatch lines. The entire word is surrounded with red sun rays at about a 1/2" spacing, and a 4"x6" cloud shape is cut out around the word and taped with Scotch tape to the frame of his bunk bed. He's seven. Parents tell their kids not to use the word. So what do we say? Don't draw the f-word?

Oh, I forgot to mention it's all lower case. Should we pin this up on our fridge?


At 6:37 PM, May 13, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe he picked it up from you!




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