Friday, October 03, 2008

Daddy's Shoes

Not only does our youngest (he's now 15 months old) put my briefcase away when I get home and hand me my lunch on my way out the door, he opens the door for me, then hands me my lunch. This last week he has taken to pulling my shoes out of the closet when I get dressed. Yesterday he pulled both sets of shoes out, my brown pair and my black pair. He pulled one of each out first and put them on the bed in front of me as I was dressing. I laughed and commented on how he mixed the colors. Mrs. Scott whispered that I should wait to see if he figured it out. He got a second pair and put them on the bed, too. He paused and looked at them, arranged in order on the bed, black, brown, black, brown. He then grabbed both brown shoes and put them together. I thanked him and put on my black shoes because they went with the outfit I already had on, and put my brown ones back in the closet just after he walked away. He then came back to the closet and started whining, grabbed the brown shoes and gave them to me. It's like he wanted me to wear the brown ones all along.


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