Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oven Fry

Our little one did something spectacular a few days ago. He was goofing off in the kitchen, where we have child safety devices on all the important cabinets and drawers. A couple of cabinets we have left available for him to play in, as we have with each of our children. The pots and pans are left unlocked because they present no real problem, and the canned goods pantry (which I converted from a fold-out ironing board) is fun for him because he can open it and roll soup cans across the floor.

Mrs. Scott heard him messing around and went in to see him. He had opened the oven door and climbed up on top of the door, and was playing with the oven rack and with the gas knobs. He had the most adventurous kind of grin on his face, as in, "look at what I did, mommy!" The oven was cold, so nothing wrong happened. From now on he'll be in his play pen when dinner is being cooked.


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